• Music Lessons

    Study the fundamentals of vocalization with our highly qualified teachers.

  • Artist Development

    We offer personal branding and marketing strategies for those who are serious in pursuing a career in music.

  • Audio Recording & Production

    Record your vocals and work on your craft through vocal production.

  • Upcoming Events

    Star Quality is teaming up with Creative Studios for our annual spring talent show

Welcome to SingingMusicLessons.ca!

Everyone has at least one quality that makes them unique. Whether it's an animated rapping style like Nicki Minaj or a raspy breathy voice like Britney Spears, we all possess a little something that make us stand apart from the bunch. Star Quality helps you realize what sets you apart and builds the foundation for success.

Our commitment to you!

If you've always wanted to enjoy singing you're in the right place. Star Quality makes learning fun and exciting! We are passionate and committed to helping you reach your musical goals. Singing is a talent virtually everyone possesses. Of course, some possess it more than others, but that can be overcome by dedication, practice, and technique. You receive personalized one on one music training to bring out the best in your singing abillites. At Star Quality Music Lessons we provide vocal lessons for all ages and skill levels. We evaluate your personal style and take your voice to the next level!

Make your musical dreams come true!

Research has demonstrated many important benefits of music lessons. Whether your interest lies in singing, playing an instrument, or music theory, studies show that improving your musical abilities can improve and expand your abilities in other areas of your life: physical, mental, emotional, social and organizational.

Group Lessons

Star Quality offers weekly group lessons. At each lesson, students have an opportunity to show progress in the company of supportive classmates. Technical obstacles are overcome as a class, and a strong sense of musicianship and sportsmanship is developed. In our positive group environments, students are motivated to focus, improve, and move onto the next level of learning as a team.During the lessons, teachers are free to check on the performance of each student, make appropriate suggestions for improvement, and give praise for a job well-done. Group lessons are fun! In these lessons, solo, unison, and ensemble playing are encouraged!

Private Lessons

Nothing beats the individual attention private music lessons provide. Our teachers work at your pace to guide you along your musical journey. Private music lessons are 100% focused on the student. Star quality Music Lessons work one on one with the student providing the vocalist personalized attention. If they have a question or if they are struggling with a concept relating to music they can feel comfortable asking the instructor and knowing they are going to get the through whatever they are struggling with.?


Determine your voice type and vocal qualities? (soprano, mezzo, tenor etc) | Proper posture and breathing for singing | Singing excercizes and techniques | Toning up your voice | Pitch, notes, musicatheory? |We cover all styles including pop, rock, rap and jazz.
Learn how to set up for a recording session? | Use different vocal effects like reverb, delay, doubling, pitch shifting.? | Develop specific vocal techniques to produce the best quality sound.?
Develop songwriting skills with tips and techniques | Learn ways to use poetic devices in lyrics | Write music specifically to suit your vocal style

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